“ Your appreciation for everything you experienced is absolutely infectious. An amazing group energy. ”

“ Jeff, your charisma and passion for what you do is amazing. All of us started moving at the same frequency. Passionate Resonance for the bush is distributed amongst everyone, affection for people, the respect you have for them and the way that you honour them. Generosity is heart-warming. An opportunity to share with Jeff in his passion. ”

“ Can be introspective, just relax, not do or be anything. No pressure to be anything else other than one’s silent self. One does not have to contribute if does not want to. ”

“ Generosity of spirit. Connecting with the local people and the environment. Keen sense of what is just, sound sense of values and ethics. Talent for going into trance. Soft and gentle presence. Can aid in artistic creativity. ”

“ Just wanted to thank you for an amazing trail! It was absolutely magical and it wouldn’t have been this special with anyone but you guiding the process! I feel so blessed to have been part of it and look forward to many more amazing (and hilarious!) experiences with you! Thanx again! ”

“ Thought of Levhuvhu Gorge and thought of this quote “do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. ” (Waldo Emerson)

“ The highlight was you and your laughter! Nothing worried you. Nothing a real problem. You were an incredible facilitator in that sense. My nightmare was lack of control. Once I gave up ‘order’ and got into free flow- a struggle for me, I had to learn to live with that-,that opened up new opportunities. In the end I submitted to it, and it was great! ”